Maintaining Quality of Life in Seniors | Melbourne, 2024


This face-to-face workshop is for doctors and pharmacists looking to expand their knowledge of cannabinoid medicine in Australia.

About the Event:

The International College of Cannabinoid Medicine (ICCM) is pleased to present an interactive experience for AHPRA registered Health Care Professionals with a focus on Medicinal Cannabis Assisted De-prescribing of Opioids and NSAIDS and harm reduction.

Agenda for the event:

09:30Welcome and Introduction
09:35Supporting Access for those in need
10:05Fusion of Patient and Prescriber prespective after a life limiting diagnosis
10:35Endocannabinoid System Overview
10:50Medicinal Cannabis Drug Interactions – Clinical Relevance
11:05Morning Tea
11:20Managing Age-Related Conditions effectively and safely – without Opioids & NSAIDs
11:50Dosage Forms – TGA Categories – Active constituent variation
12:20Dried Herb Variances – Choice of Chemovars
12:50Smell the flowers – Terpenes & other actives
13:30Dose forms for inpatient care
13:45Case study Medic Inhaler for inpatient care
14:00Prescriber support and access pathways – TGA SAS scheme
14:30Demonstration of dried herb vaporisation
15:00Afternoon Tea
15:15Treatment plan Palliated patient – Case study -QOL improvements
15:30Treatment plan – Deprescribing Problem Meds in the Cannabis Niaive patient
15:45Q&A Panel discussion -end
15:55Invite to next Mull event – exploring terpenes treasures

Sponsors for the event:

  • Lyphe
  • Cannatrek
  • Beacon Medical
  • Kind Medical
  • Humacology
  • MCA
  • Alfie