Beacon Medical

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About Beacon Medical

Our mission is to advance patient care with innovative cannabinoid-based therapeutics, developed to support and fulfil an individual’s unique health needs. 

Beacon Medical is a wholly-owned subsidiary and member of the VIVO Cannabis family (TSX:VIVO).  Our organization held 2 of the first 7 licenses to cultivate medicinal cannabis in Canada, and has been growing commercially since 2013. 

Our cannabis is grown indoors under artisanal conditions in small-batch production, in organic soil, and pesticide-free.  Our strict standards and specially curated genetics result in premium quality, consistent, and award-winning products.

We focus on patient experience, drawing on the knowledge from treating over 27,000 active patients at our six Harvest Medicine clinics across Canada.

We’re committed to providing the highest quality cannabinoid products, combined with exceptional education.  We give practitioners and patients the tools and support needed to navigate medical cannabis.

Beacon Medical is trusted to help patients around the world realize and enjoy their best health.  Let us be your guiding light!