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iccm workshop | 22ND June, 2024 


What does the ICCM provide?

We provide high quality, evidence-based healthcare practitioner education in medicinal cannabis.

The ICCM has a medicinal cannabis video library, a foundation course in medicinal cannabis, live webinars, a podcast and in the future, new short courses focused on particular clinical areas. 

Stay Informed

Patients are using medicinal cannabis. Support your patients by being informed about the evidence-based of medicinal cannabis. Learn how to prescribe medicinal cannabis.

Flexible Access Options

  • Stream individual videos; or
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Continuing Professional Development

Each video has a 10 question quiz and downloadable certificate of completion.

Happy Clinicians

“The level of expertise of the presenters and information in the ICCM videos is amazing. I now feel so much more confident when patients bring up the topic of medicinal cannabis”.

Foundation Course

Get access to our 12 modules covering foundational knowledge including the end-Cannabinoid system, overview of medicinal cannabis, pharmacokinetics and safety, chronic pain, anxiety, sleep, case studies and more.



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